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Additional Services

Let Us Help Keep You With Your Pool Maintenance!

There’s a lot that goes into pool maintenance and things can get out of hand quickly if they’re not taken care of properly. Here are some of the additional pool services that we offer.

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Pool flooded during a major storm and they got it back to blue in just a couple weeks. Also have kept it working perfectly. Was having algae issues before they started coming. Now my pool stays beautiful with no effort on my part."

John B.

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Filter Cleaning

Your filters should be cleaned every 6 months to maintain proper water clarify and filtration. We cover both cartridge and DE filters

Chlorine Wash

A chlorine wash is most commonly used during Green Pool Clean ups and requires us to drain your pool. Pool owners struggle with Green Pools most commonly in the summer months, but your pools water chemistry can cause algae to grow at any time of the year in California. A Chlorine wash is used to kill bacteria that is growing in your pool, so it basically disinfects everything allowing you to start over with a fresh, clean pool!

Acid Wash

As a last resort when other cleaning options just will not work, an acid wash can be done. An acid wash also requires draining your pool and literally removes a layer of plaster from the walls, so it’s not something we recommend on a regular yearly basis. But if there is severe calcium build up, discoloration or staining then an acid wash will be needed to restore your pool back to new.

Tile Cleaning

Your tile can have calcium buildup from normal water evaporation. This can cause the calcium to settle right at the water line, leaving behind a white line around the tile. Generally, its cosmetic and will not negatively affect the tile. But if you don’t like it, we can do a tile cleaning and remove the calcium line. But it’s important to remember that it will come back in a few years as the water continues to evaporate.

Leak Detection

Unfortunately, some pools experience a leak. Along with the water leaking from your pool, your chemicals leak as well. So not only can you experience a higher water bill depending on the size of the leak, but you may end up spending more in chemical costs to replace what is leaking out. We can identify the location of the leak and repair it for you.

My experience with Dependable Pool Service went very well, they gave me a heads up before coming and also a post text letting me know exactly what he did today and when the pool will be safe to use. Very professional and efficient."

Mark H.

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When it's time to enjoy your pool, give us a call at 661-747-6429!

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After trying three different pool service companies, I am extremely happy to have found Dependable – reliable, courteous, hardworking, helpful, and of course DEPENDABLE! I have only positive feedback to provide.

Christopher D.

I have been using Dependable Pool Service for about 6 months now. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good weekly pool cleaning service! My tech is Stefan. He is really friendly and professional. He always shows up around the same time every week and does a fantastic job of making sure my pool is clean!
Jennifer B.


When it's time to enjoy your pool, give us a call at 661-747-6429!